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Unified Field Coherence


Internal Cultivation   Higher Self Connection   Spiritual Expansion





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Through an altered trance state I am able to connect with another person remotely, and work in the unified field of all that someone is, even beyond this life. I hold a safe space and I directly transmit higher dimensional light. The transmission of higher light is also a psychic form of teaching and sharing information. This can also look like clearing, mending, balancing, repairing, healing, shifting, enhancing, connecting/reconnecting, etc. I work in someone's expansive multidimensional nature, the full vibrational spectrum, all the way down to the physical body. It's all interconnected so that's how I approach someone's energy. I zoom in and focus on specifics as needed. Much of what is done during a session is rooted in moving towards bringing any disharmony, stagnancy, distortion or division within the field back into wholeness, harmony and into a cohesive natural flow. My mission is to bring others closer to their core selves, and work to remove any barriers that may get in the way of someone embodying their souls true expression, moving them towards their highest potential. I am constantly in awe by what I see and experience in these spaces. It is different every time. People experience the effects of my style of healing in different ways. Because this work is done in an altered state of being, often there are no words to translate what has been done. I'm working outside of language, outside of labels, outside of duality, outside of cause and effect. I choose to do this work because there is no other way for me to truly be myself. I am fully committed to my path, and playing my part to help unchain and uplift the consciousness on Earth at this time. My heart has lead me here step by step. I love collaborating with people to help create shifts within themselves. I look forward to every person, every place, every raw beautiful moment this life brings.

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