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My name is Emily Furst, I'm a multidimensional healer working in the depths of this field of consciousness. For as long as I can remember I have always felt very different from others. I came into this life with the knowingness that everything is alive and connected. I remember as a kid doing things like staring at a shampoo bottle trying to see its "soul". Although shampoo bottles don't exactly have souls, that's the way this deeper knowledge filtered through the mind of a child. I would watch balls of light dance around the room at night before falling asleep, and could sense the presence of other beings around me. I have had a close connection to the other side, this is very natural for me. Words have always been secondary to me. I am in tune with the energy that flows underneath the physicality of all things. I have an ability to sense when something or someone is imbalanced, or out of alignment with this life that flows through everything. I can perceive what is underneath the surface. Through an altered state I am able to connect with another person remotely, and work in the quantum field of all that someone is, even beyond this life. I clear, rewire, balance, heal, shift, enhance, connect/ reconnect whatever I'm called to. My mission is to bring others closer to themselves, and work to remove any barriers that may prevent someone from embodying their souls true essence. I am constantly in awe by what I see and experience in these spaces. It is different every time. People experience the effects of my style of healing in different ways. Because this work is done in an altered state of being, often there are no words to translate what has been done. I'm working outside of language, outside of labels, outside of duality, outside of cause and effect. I choose to do this work because there is no other way for me to truly be myself. I am fully committed to my path, and playing my part to help unchain and uplift the consciousness on Earth at this time. My heart has lead me here step by step. I love collaborating with people to help create shifts within themselves. I look forward to every person, every place, every raw beautiful moment this life brings.



Everything is energy. Everything we see around us is connected by the same field of energy. What we observe is much less than what actually exists. I'm just aware of these fields and deeper layers of energy. During session, I tap into others in this way. My sessions are quiet, I ask you to get comfortable and allow your body to relax. I go into a deep meditative state, I tap into you and allow myself to do whatever I am called to. We clear, heal and alchemize the vibrations that aren't working well or are just ready to shift. The core of this work is to help others along with their growth, to create shifts within their lives, gain a deeper connection to the vitality of life that wants to flow through, and a deeper embodiment of the soul. To embody more of your true, deeper, natural self. My work focuses on working with the entirety of someone in all layers of their being. 

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